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Serge Fortin


VP Sales & Business Development (Worldwide) - Rasakti Maritimes

More than 25 years’ experience holding executive positions in the Aerospace Industry has provided an enriching learning experience.  From the early beginnings as Director of Production, Quality and Operations, then Vice President of US Operations for a leader in extra-large structural assemblies, to moving on to bigger challenges as Vice President of Business Development Americas for a leader in Landing Gear and Hydraulic technologies.  As a natural progression, while holding the position of President & General Manager for a publicly traded on the NYSE international firm, we were instrumental in the development of the B787 and A380/350 programs. Throughout these tenures and while holding the title of First Vice President of the AQA Board, known today as Aero Montreal, it was indeed a privilege to advance our industry’s standing worldwide.  

Today, as VP Worldwide Sales & Business Development for Rasakti, I am committed to working diligently towards doing the same for Atlantic Canada in both aerospace and defense and served as a director on the NBADA board of Directors and serving as a board member of ACADA.