ACENET provides researchers and industry in Atlantic Canada with access to
high performance computing (HPC), graphical processing unit (GPU), big data
and cloud computing resources, storage, file transfer systems for terabytes of
data, consulting expertise and user support. These advanced computing
resources address needs that are beyond the capabilities of a typical desktop
computer, such as complex numerical modeling, handling large and varied data
sets, and running large-scale simulations.

Its team of 14 technical and consulting staff are located across Atlantic Canada,
and provide help with determining the computing resources required for
projects, getting you up and running with the infrastructure, and helping
optimize and troubleshoot your code to run on the systems. They are also
available to assist in writing the technical portion of proposals related to
advanced computing.

Principal products and services include access to HPC, GPU, big data and cloud resources, project consulting in R&D using advanced computing platforms, and skills training in advanced computing.