ESL Technology Inc. is Atlantic Canada’s only certified ISO 17025 independent environmental simulation test lab. 

Founded in 1989 by the Nova Scotia Research Foundation, the laboratory was established to provide much needed infrastructure to facilitate the growth of a then fledging aerospace and defence (A&D) industry in Nova Scotia.  Originally under the aegis of the public sector, considerable initial investment was made to create a high-quality test facility.

In 2004, the lab came under private sector leadership. Further major investments were made at that time, including a 1.5 million pound MTS machine and other test equipment adding another million dollars in test equipment. This enabled the lab to be certified as a supplier to Boeing.

Now under new ownership since 2014, as an independent laboratory, ESL presently offers an expanded range of services including:

·         An engineering services component;

·         A full suite of environmental testing services, which include:

          A comprehensive design service for special test procedures, including full supporting documentation;

          A full suite of environmental test procedures, test analysis and interpretation.

·         A full range ISO certifications to meet most industries needs;

·         Safety management software and associated consulting services to SMEs; and

·         SME qualification assessment.

We have assembled a high-quality team with extensive experience supporting clients in a range of sectors including A&D, ocean technology and renewable energy applications. Our clients regularly comment on the high level of creativity, flexibility, and client dedication that our core team of professionals, several of whom have been associated with the lab from the early days, provide. This is a team dedicated to offering a high level of customer-focussed testing services, characterized by professionalism and a collaborative approach to fulfilling our customers’ complete requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

As with most industries, our services are evolving. Today we work with a broader variety of industries including A&D, solar energy and street lighting providers and ocean pressure testing, among others. One of the most significant changes we’re observing is the strong Federal interest in the innovation agenda and the emerging Federal $950M ‘Supercluster’ plan aimed at creating growth in designated sectors. We are in a period of change which our company is embracing with vigour.

As 2018 approaches we are encouraged by the many positive developments we see around us. We want to be your Atlantic resource in all matters relating to testing and test design and we encourage you to also make our services known to other companies that are part of your supply chain. As we collectively look forward to the results of the new initiatives under the Atlantic Growth Strategy and the interest in the new ‘supercluster’ development, we are confident that it will bring our region closer together and create jobs.