Fleet Sim Training Solutions Inc. is a Canadian, Halifax-Based company that specializes in the development and delivery of maritime and joint warfare collective training/mission rehearsal through the use of synthetic environments and distributed simulation training sytems. 

Fleet Sim Training Solutiions is experienced  using COTS and MOTS CGF systems and operational mission simulators integrated as a system of systems to deliver effective warfighting expereiences in a synthetic environment.

Fleet  Sim Training Solutions is knowledgeable in the realms of defence industry CGF systems, military operational simulation systems and distributed exercise networks, security requirementsand cross-domain solutions, database compatibility requirements, and international technical standards of interoperability.

Fleet Sim Training Solutions also has a division of security specialists in the documentation of accreditation processes for Government owned classified IS systems. 

Their principal products and services are Synthetic Warfare Training Consultants, Security Consultants for security accreditation of government systems and Project Managers.