Our company, Openair UAV Flight Training is in the business of delivering UAV education to the general public, companies and government level staff across Canada. The company offers a portal which is truly a place of discovery. Our aim is for all students to learn operational deployments in Canadian airspace, develop their talents as operators, reach their potential and feel motivated during their time with us. We provide an outstanding learning environment. 
Openair strives continually to provide learning of the highest quality. Being a teaching school, both on location and online, we are lucky to provide training and support through professional affiliate partners across Canada and have been confirmed COMPLIANT by Transport Canada in Ottawa. OpenAir UAV Flight Training is on the internal list of UAV training schools at TC HQ and we enjoy the benefits of being part of this growing industry by participating in conferences and meetings, plus working with Transport Canada task force in providing comments and suggestions to improve the regulatory environment. We work collaboratively with other schools by sharing practices and resources. Our curriculum is outstanding, providing a broad range of experience and opportunites. Now we have satellite offices in Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, Etobicoke, and soom in the Kamloops, BC region.