Stepscan Technologies Inc. is a federally incorporated technology company that manufactures the Stepscan® Gait Analysis flooring system- a patented pressure sensitive electronic floor tile system and footprint tracking software.

Stepscan® captures and analyzes the walking patterns and balance of subjects as they move across the floor, measuring parameters such as underfoot pressure distribution, stride and speed of movement. Sold across North America, Australia, and China, the technology is used in the assessment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from mobility impairing conditions (i.e. Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Concussions, Arthritis, etc.) but also has exciting additional applications including sports training, simulated training for the military and biometric security.

Stepscan’s vision is to be the leading innovator, developer, and provider of movement tracking and gait analysis technology in both the medical and security & defense sectors, the world over. Through the development and delivery of their gait analysis technology, Stepscan is committed to contributing to an enhanced quality of life for patients with walking disabilities, and ultimately, a safer society. Put simply, Stepscan’s mission is to make technology for better lives.